Why Aren’t More College Rapes Reported?

college_campusIt seems like it happens every week now. Someone you know, maybe intimately, maybe distantly, shares a story of how she was raped in college, years or decades ago, and never reported it. She’s coming clean now because she’s finally strong enough, because she doesn’t want people to go through what she went through. She knows that there’s little the authorities or the school can do for her situation now, but she hopes her story will help someone somewhere. Though reported campus rapes have been creeping upward in recent years, the percentage is still shockingly low. Here are some reason that might be.

1. Victims don’t want anyone else to know. In a tight knit community like ones within a college campus, having the stigma of rape victim can be emotionally devastating. They may fear not being believed or having people side with their attacker.
2. Victims don’t want to admit to themselves it was rape. The attack can stir up confusion, especially if the attacker was familiar to them. More likely, the victim would prefer to ignore the attack or pretend it never happened.
3. Victims don’t trust the police to get justice. With less than one-fifth of reported rapes resulting in a conviction, this is a very likely scenario. And since a trial can be public and difficult for the victim, it often seems easier to keep it quiet.

It is important to never make a victim feel blamed or shamed for her attack. But we can all take steps to assure that we feel safe on college campuses. Self Secure offers a line of products targeted to college women that you can always have on hand for peace of mind and protection.

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