What Makes a Victim an Easy Target?

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

You’ve doubtless heard the phrase “easy target” when it comes to the type of person an attacker goes for. This does not by any means indicate that something you’ve done or didn’t do made an attack your fault. It simply means that there are certain characteristics or behaviors that a rapist or abductor will go after because experience has taught him that these make easier victims.

For example, when a group of rapists and date rapists were interviewed in prison, most of them had the following points to say about the women they chose to go after:

• They were distracted. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Women who have their heads down looking at their cellphones, are rummaging for their keys or cards in their purse or are otherwise preoccupied are easy to sneak up on and overpower.

• Their clothing was easy to remove. These women likely had simple outfits on like workout clothes, sundresses or T-shirts and leggings.

• Their hair was easy to grab. Long hair, ponytails, braids and buns provide a handhold for an attacker to grab and pull his victim off balance.

Does this mean that you should cut your hair or wear a hat, and only go out in layers of clothing with an armament of buckles? Of course not. However, knowing these facts can help you to be prepared and on the alert for an attacker. If you are out jogging or shopping and your clothing or hairstyle are the type that attackers tend to focus on, make sure that you are on guard. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket until you’re safely locked in your car. Carry pepper spray or other protective items with you. To learn more about products that can give you an edge over an attacker, visit SelfSecure’s website.

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