Tips on Being a Difficult Target

Don't be an easy target. Learn to protect yourself with Self Secure Products.

Don’t be an easy target. Learn to protect yourself with Self Secure Products.

In a recent post, we discussed several points that can make you an easy target, as described by actual attackers who were serving time in prison. Here, we’ll continue the conversation by highlighting the points that rapists gave about fighting off an attacker.

First, it can help to know the places you might be the most at risk of an attack. The three most common areas people are attacked or abducted include the following:

• Parking lots
• Parking garages
• Public restrooms

If you are in any of these places, it is important to keep a close eye on your surroundings. This goes for anywhere that you are out, especially if you’re alone.

Attackers are going to go after those they feel will not cause them any trouble. Therefore, if you are approached by someone who gives you a bad feeling, the first thing you might do is look him in the eye and say something. This lets him know that you have a solid mental image of what he looks like. If he continues to advance, it can help to loudly and firmly yell at him to stay back, and that you have pepper spray. Hold your pepper spray out to be ready to use.

Attackers will usually go after only those they suspect won’t put up much of a fight. By immediately asserting your willingness to defend yourself, you give him a strong message that he won’t get very far with you and might even sustain an injury.

One final point to note is that long, pointy or heavy items, including umbrellas, canes, walking sticks and the like, may deter a potential attacker before he even gets close to you. He could see these items as weapons that you’d use against him if he got too close. Items like pepper spray that you keep on your keychain are good alternatives for a long-reaching defensive object without having to carry around something heavier. Visit our website for a comprehensive look at the different defensive products available to you.

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