Staying Safe at College

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Being in college and surrounded by so many people can give you a sense of false security. You always think that they are as honest as you are, which is probably not the case. At times, it is hard to get someone who you can trust; therefore, you have to be cautious at all times.

Tips to stay safe in college
• Never allow technology make you unaware of what is going on around you. At times when you are using your smartphone or the MP3 player, there is nothing else that you can think of except what you are reading or be listening. This behavior should be avoided at all cost. At this time, you are highly vulnerable, and someone with ill intentions could take advantage of that.
• You should never walk alone at night even if it is within the campus. This is the easiest way actually that a person with ill motives could take advantage of you since there is no none to stop them or watching. If you have to walk around at night, make sure that you bring along some friends. That way you cannot be easily attacked.
• You should never leave your door or windows unlocked when you are indoors or outdoors. This is a standard security procedure that you should never ignore.
• Always carry some extra money just in case you need to buy something urgently or pay for a service you had not anticipated for.
• You should always know your way around campus. This will enable you move about with ease and also easily evade an attacker.
Benefits of having pepper spray
Besides following the above tips on how to stay safe in campus, you can also carry pepper spray with you just in case you need to disable the attacker. This is one of the self-secure products that you will find in the market.
• Using the spray you will be able to keep a safe distance and at the same time disable him/her.
• They are easy to carry around since they are quite small. Therefore, no one will even know that you have it with you.
• They are also easy to use too. All you have to do is press the lever, and the spray starts working.
• It does not leave permanent marks or damage. Therefore, you can be sure that the attacker will survive.

Be prepared as you head off to college by purchasing self-protection items from Self Secure Products. We believe that you are worth protecting and that being prepared is the best way to stay safe.

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