Our Quality Assurance Process

The SABRE name comes with reliability.

SABRE strives to produce the most effective pepper sprays and personal safety products that will help protect you in the moments you really need them.

From the time the red peppers get to the factory in the form of concentrate, to the time they enter your hand in SABRE’S award-winning packaging – they’re put to the test!

Each batch of pepper spray and pepper gel is tested in SABRE’S exclusive High Performance Liquid Chromotography Laboratory – nothing leaves the factory unless it meets the highest standards!

Once the formulas are mixed, each unit takes a bath – literally! The water baths ensure our products are sealed tightly to prevent leakage.

But SABRE is also concerned with making sure their products, while extremely effective, are compatible with the law and government regulations. SABRE is ISO Certified, and an EPA and Health Canada certified establishment – SABRE’S bear and dog sprays provide you protection in a humane way.

We want you to know that SABRE takes pride in producing only the best for our customers.