Self-Defense Myth 3: “I took some self defense classes, so I can easily fight off an attacker”

While self-defense classes are empowering, beneficial, and can help you regain a sense of security after an attack, but here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t try to physically fight off an attacker unless you have no other option for escape:woman practicing self-defense

  1. The assailant chose the victim for a reason. In a mugging or sexual assault scenario, the attacker had some fore planning. That means that the attacker evaluated the target in terms of size, vulnerabilities, distractions, and weaknesses. He is already mentally prepared for this attack. He has likely played out this same scenario with other victims and knows what will happen next better than you do. Even if you have had some self-defense preparation, trying to fight off an attacker in the real world will not be like your training sessions in the classroom.
  2. Adrenaline is helpful in many ways, but not in terms of focus or memory. Your body has decreased awareness of pain and some increase in strength when flushed with adrenaline, but it will be harder to remember exactly how to do that fancy disarming move you learned in class. As much as it helps you, adrenaline also hurts you in these scenarios. Remember, your attacker will also be running on adrenaline, so any advantage you perceive will be cancelled out.
  3. Do you know how much force is necessary to put your attacker down, without running the risk of an assault charge yourself? Read this post to learn more. Depending on what state you live in, you may not have the legal right to engage in a fight without first attempting to run and escape the situation. If you are able to put your attacker down, you could run into some tricky legal trouble if you keep fighting after the attacker is no longer considered a current threat.

The bottom line is that while physical altercations are sometimes the only way to protect yourself, it should not be your first choice. Self Secure pepper spray and personal alarm products are designed to end an assault without physical contact. Read more about why pepper spray is the self-defense method of choice, and check out our product line for our many varieties.

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