How to Stay Safe with Situational Awareness


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Always be aware of your surroundings, and in case of emergency have a SelfSecure product on hand.

Self-security should be a priority to you given the levels of crime, especially in urban areas. We provide a wide variety of high-quality self-protection products that targets the general public to enhance personal protection. Our inventory includes a full line of self-secure products such as pepper sprays at competitive prices. Before you get yourself in a scenario where you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger, it’s crucial to learn situational awareness tips so as to stay safe.

Importance of situational awareness

Situational awareness may involve how you perceive and comprehend environmental elements to space or time. In other words, you need to be aware of what is happening within your vicinity, where you are at that moment and where you are supposed to be. Your actions or decisions will create an impact at that moment or shortly after.
Situational awareness involves knowing what is happening around you and determining if you are safe. You are also supposed to know whether anything or anyone near you is a threat to your security or health. You should always ensure that you make the right decisions especially when you are in danger.
Situational awareness is significant to everyone as it guides people. It puts you in a situation of optimal observation. It is a fundamental backbone of collective security. It is important that you become aware of your surrounding (up to 50 feet around you) and the potential hazards you face. We provide state of the art self-secure products that can help you prevent dangers or attacks against you.
Self-secure products can help you stay safe as well as situational awareness can. You should be keen on anything out of the ordinary or anyone acting weird towards you before raising an alarm and defending yourself with a self-secure product. It’s important to note that situational awareness scenarios and baselines (what the typical situation usually is) differ from one to another.

Call for action
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