How to Protect a Dorm Room

When you first go to college and move into your dorm room or apartment, you find that you are not in as much control of your environment as you once were. You have roommates who you’ve likely never met and who have very different ways of doing things than you do. They may keep different hours, feel differently about locking doors, and not share your concept of personal space. This can make you feel less confident and vulnerable. At Self Secure, we want everyone to have the tools they need to make themselves secure and confident. Much about personal safety comes down to being able to control your environment, and learning how to protect a dorm room. For this purpose we offer the Door Stop Alarm. woman moving to college dorm

The Door Stop Alarm is an excellent tool in this arsenal. Even in a dorm room, where you won’t be able to install a full security system, you can still have real protection. The Door Stop Alarm is 3-purpose protection:

  • 120 decibel alarm wakes you up so you cannot be attacked unawares
  • The noise will both alert others and frighten your assailant, who will likely run to avoid being seen or caught
  • Non-skid pad on the bottom of the Door Stop Alarm keeps the door from fully opening

The Door Stop Alarm works off of a battery and can be set for only those times you are home alone, or when all of your roommates and you are home for the night. Even if you have trouble with your roommates cooperating in securing the rest of your apartment, you can make sure your bedroom is protected while you are in it.

Remember, personal safety tools are only helpful if you remember to use them and have them with you. Talk to your teen about creating safe habits; have them read about their risk factors and staying safe with our safety tips.

Worried about your windows? We have a solution for that too.

College is a time of self-discovery and learning self-care. Protecting your physical safety is the first lesson. Make sure your child is prepared for the college environment with the Door Stop Alarm and other Self Secure Products.

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