Do Men Need To Carry Pepper Spray?

man spraying pepper spray

Pepper Spray for Men. Everyone needs protection at sometime. Look to Self Secure Products for the latest products for men.

The question of personal self-defense is one

that has a lot of nuances to it. What sort of
weapon, if any, should you carry? Does your
gender determine what sort of weapon is
There are so many different self defense
products out there that it can be difficult to
decide which is the right one for you. One that
men often fail to consider is pepper spray,
which is one of the most effective personal
defense products available on the market.
Pepper spray is often referred to as OC spray,
which stands for oleoresin capsicum.


OC spray is made from a substance found in plants, specifically peppers, unsurprisingly enough. Peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that is exceptionally potent to the human senses. Capsaicin is the substance responsible for the hot taste associated with peppers, and it is a relatively easy compound to isolate and concentrate. Such easy access to the compound makes OC spray much more affordable than some other personal defense options.


Anyone 18 years or older can legally purchase OC spray from any number of retail suppliers. It requires no additional license to carry and often easily fits in your pocket. The defensive weapon can be discharged at a moments notice, and it requires no special skill or advanced weapons training. That means that anyone, man or woman, can pick up a can of OC spray and use it like a pro. There are even products available on the market that include multifunction utility from a pocket-sized can of OC spray, like an additional keyring or flashlight.


OC spray is non-lethal, yet it remains one of the most effective methods of protecting yourself against an attacker. OC spray can hit an attacker in the eyes from several feet away, and even if the stream misses the attacker’s eyes, the gas will be strong enough to incapacitate anyone within the vicinity. In fact, OC spray is so powerful that the user often experiences a slight reaction just by being near the source of the spray. The potency of such a defensive weapon allows you to flee an attacker dealing with burning eyes. This is an excellent product for both men and women to use. Check out the product line at Self Secure Products to ensure that you buy the best possible self-defense product for you.


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