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The Truth About Pepper Spray

woman holding pepper spray

It’s always good to have a pepper spray from Self Secure Products around for emergency.

A quintessential tool in self-defense is a shot of capsicum in the eyes of an incoming attacker. OC spray, commonly known as “pepper spray”, is widely used because it’s non-lethal yet incredibly effective. Today, OC spray is manufactured for different objectives with varying pressures and ingredients, some being utilized by police and military agencies worldwide.

What is it?
OC Spray—or oleoresin capsicum—was derived from the same terms of thinking as mace or teargas, except with peppers. In the past, ancient Chinese warriors used ground cayenne pepper to hurl at the eyes of enemies, and mail carries kept peppers and OC sprays with them to prevent dog attacks. The reason why capsicum spray is so efficacious is because of the lachrymatory agent, which causes irritation upon contact with the eyes or inhalation.

What does it do?
Pepper spray can hinder an attacker long enough for you to either escape to safety or disable them. Someone who’s been sprayed will experience the following:

– intense burning sensation
– non-lethal inflammation of mucous membranes in eyes, nose, throat and lungs
– painful breathing and coughing
– temporary blindness
– temporary loss of coordination

These effects can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the strength of the spray. How strong a capsicum spray is can be influenced by the heat or Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of the pepper. Higher grade OC spray with 10% capsaicin will range from 2,000,000-6,000,000 SHU, which is the equivalent of 3 Naga Jolokia Peppers, the hottest on the planet! On average, store brought varieties contain around 5% capsaicin and run around 500,000-2,000,000 SHU. Unfortunately, the lower the capsaicin content, the higher the risk of failure.

Where to purchase?
Because your personal protection is gravely important, top-quality self defense products are definitely worth investing in.Self Secure offers a wide variety of maximum strength sprays produced by SABRE, the leader in OC sprays and trusted by law enforcement in over 40 countries. There is a selection of pepper gels and sprays in different styles available to fit your lifestyle. No matter which product you choose, keeping OC spray on hand will provide you with a sense of security so you can travel freely and safely.


Can You Travel With Pepper Spray?

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Traveling? Don’t forget to stay safe with pepper spray to go. Self Secure Products

In the world we live in today, carrying pepper spray is a good idea for self defense. You never know when you may be in a situation when you will need it. The same goes for when you are traveling, especially if you plan to visit large cities or places you have never been before. The question is, can you carry self defense products with you on a plane? Read on for tips and advice.

Because of strict travel regulations, pepper spray is
typically not allowed in carry on baggage or on your
person. Even if the bottle is smaller than the three ounce liquid restriction, it is seen as a
weapon that could obviously incapacitate someone, and as a result it is not permitted on board
the airplane. This is true even if you are just traveling within the United States. Be especially
careful if you are visiting another country, as some nations have outlawed these products.
However, many airlines do allow mace in checked bags. To avoid potential embarrassment or
punishment, it is still a good idea to tell the airline that you are carrying it when you check your
bag. They may ask you to prove that the bottle will not go off unexpectedly, so pack it in an
easily accessible part of your suitcase. The best way to ensure you can bring your self defense
products with you during travel is to drive or take a train.
When shopping for travel sized security products, be sure to check out Self Secure brand’s on
the go section. They sell lots of compact, maximum strength products that will easily fit into any
bag. Most even have key rings attached to the bottles so you can clip them to the outside of
your bag. This provides quick and easy access to the bottle if an emergency arises.

Do Men Need To Carry Pepper Spray?

man spraying pepper spray

Pepper Spray for Men. Everyone needs protection at sometime. Look to Self Secure Products for the latest products for men.

The question of personal self-defense is one

that has a lot of nuances to it. What sort of
weapon, if any, should you carry? Does your
gender determine what sort of weapon is
There are so many different self defense
products out there that it can be difficult to
decide which is the right one for you. One that
men often fail to consider is pepper spray,
which is one of the most effective personal
defense products available on the market.
Pepper spray is often referred to as OC spray,
which stands for oleoresin capsicum.


OC spray is made from a substance found in plants, specifically peppers, unsurprisingly enough. Peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that is exceptionally potent to the human senses. Capsaicin is the substance responsible for the hot taste associated with peppers, and it is a relatively easy compound to isolate and concentrate. Such easy access to the compound makes OC spray much more affordable than some other personal defense options.


Anyone 18 years or older can legally purchase OC spray from any number of retail suppliers. It requires no additional license to carry and often easily fits in your pocket. The defensive weapon can be discharged at a moments notice, and it requires no special skill or advanced weapons training. That means that anyone, man or woman, can pick up a can of OC spray and use it like a pro. There are even products available on the market that include multifunction utility from a pocket-sized can of OC spray, like an additional keyring or flashlight.


OC spray is non-lethal, yet it remains one of the most effective methods of protecting yourself against an attacker. OC spray can hit an attacker in the eyes from several feet away, and even if the stream misses the attacker’s eyes, the gas will be strong enough to incapacitate anyone within the vicinity. In fact, OC spray is so powerful that the user often experiences a slight reaction just by being near the source of the spray. The potency of such a defensive weapon allows you to flee an attacker dealing with burning eyes. This is an excellent product for both men and women to use. Check out the product line at Self Secure Products to ensure that you buy the best possible self-defense product for you.


How to Stay Safe with Situational Awareness


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Always be aware of your surroundings, and in case of emergency have a SelfSecure product on hand.

Self-security should be a priority to you given the levels of crime, especially in urban areas. We provide a wide variety of high-quality self-protection products that targets the general public to enhance personal protection. Our inventory includes a full line of self-secure products such as pepper sprays at competitive prices. Before you get yourself in a scenario where you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger, it’s crucial to learn situational awareness tips so as to stay safe.

Importance of situational awareness

Situational awareness may involve how you perceive and comprehend environmental elements to space or time. In other words, you need to be aware of what is happening within your vicinity, where you are at that moment and where you are supposed to be. Your actions or decisions will create an impact at that moment or shortly after.
Situational awareness involves knowing what is happening around you and determining if you are safe. You are also supposed to know whether anything or anyone near you is a threat to your security or health. You should always ensure that you make the right decisions especially when you are in danger.
Situational awareness is significant to everyone as it guides people. It puts you in a situation of optimal observation. It is a fundamental backbone of collective security. It is important that you become aware of your surrounding (up to 50 feet around you) and the potential hazards you face. We provide state of the art self-secure products that can help you prevent dangers or attacks against you.
Self-secure products can help you stay safe as well as situational awareness can. You should be keen on anything out of the ordinary or anyone acting weird towards you before raising an alarm and defending yourself with a self-secure product. It’s important to note that situational awareness scenarios and baselines (what the typical situation usually is) differ from one to another.

Call for action
We are always sufficiently and consistently furnishing our store with highly standardized self-secure products. Contact us today for a consultation or guide in regards to situational awareness and self-protection products.

Healthcare Professionals and Self-Protection

Stay safe while at work! Remember that dangerous situations can arise anywhere!

Stay safe while at work! Remember that dangerous situations can arise anywhere!

Recently, a friend who works in the healthcare profession shared her reason for keeping pepper spray on hand while working. We believe that it is important to hear her story to understand the importance of always having self-protection products with you, whether you are at work or somewhere else.

“I have worked as a private duty pediatric nurse for 12 years. This means I go into a stranger’s home and care for their chronically ill child overnight so the parent or caregiver can sleep. People are always mesmerized by this concept. The number one question I am asked is ‘What is “wrong” with these kids to require a nurse in the home?’ While this is hardly the topic of focus, I’ll address it so we can move on. The majority of children requiring skilled nursing in the home have tracheotomies and are ventilator dependent. Having a tracheotomy makes it much harder to manage your own secretions; relying on an artificial airway means you are likely to run into problems simply because it is artificial. These kids must be watched at all times to ensure their airway is patent.

That being said, my job can be scary. I work nights in the homes of people I really don’t know! All the companies I have worked for conduct certain assessments and home checks prior to sending nursing staff to the home, but in my experience families are intentionally on their best behavior during these checks. You really never know what people are capable of until they are used to having you in their home on a regular basis.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has indicated that 48% of nonfatal occupational assaults and injuries occurred in a healthcare setting, with nurses most likely of all healthcare workers to be assaulted. I can tell you as a nurse, this is a staggering fact.

When I initially began working as a private duty nurse I received all kinds of training on self-protection and safety. I listened, but I’ll admit I didn’t necessarily believe it would ever be applicable.

Once I had been in private duty a little over a year I went to a patient home I had been in many times. I knew the family members well and I thought I was safe. Mom had just started a new job and was working graves. Shortly after she left for work dad came in the patient’s bedroom and struck up a casual conversation. After the typical small talk was over dad lingered and began moving closer. He was visibly excited and nervous and began making several inappropriate remarks. I told him I was not comfortable with his behavior and he needed to leave immediately. He remained in the room, continuing to move closer. Luckily, I had been holding my cell phone and quickly thought to dial 911. Once he realized what I was doing he left the room. I got lucky that time, but I vowed never to rely on luck again.

Finding yourself in a situation where you lack a self-defense plan is terrifying. Because I find the rewards of my job outweigh the risks, I will stay with my patients. But I will never be without a self-protection plan again. Carrying pepper spray is one of the quickest, most reliable self-protection plans this nurse will recommend.”

At Self Secure, we believe that you are worth protecting. You never know when a dangerous situation may arise; you could be at work, at school, or out with your friends. View the line of products that Self Secure Products offers and keep yourself safe.

Broken Down and Alone

Don't let a broken down car turn into a bad situation. Let Self Secure provide you with the best self-defense products!

Don’t let a broken down car turn into a bad situation. Let Self Secure provide you with the best self-defense products!

We’ve all experienced the misfortune of a broken down vehicle at one point or another. If you are unlucky enough to experience this out on the open road alone, it is important to have a plan ahead of time to know how you’re going to handle the situation.

Following these steps can help keep you safe and get you back on the road in no time.

  1. Get off the road ASAP. Unless something has gone incredibly wrong with your vehicle, you should still be able to maneuver it off the road. If getting off the road isn’t an immediate possibility, turn your hazard lights on to alert other drivers you are in trouble.
  2. Make that call. In this day and age, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Put that talk plan to good use and start calling for help. Did you know most insurance carriers have some kind of roadside assistance plan included in your policy? Check your insurance card for the assistance number.
  3. Air your dirty laundry. Normally it is not advised to let all your problems hang out in the open, but in this case you want others to know what is going on. Turning on your hazard lights is a great first step, but it doesn’t always signal to others you are having car troubles. You could be off to the side of the road to send that ever important “LOL”. If you can get out of your car safely, do so. Raise the hood of your car or set up a couple road flares if you have them.
  4. Stay where you are! Once you’ve set the flares and raised the hood, get back in your car and stay with it. If you’ve taken advantage of your roadside assistance program, you’ll need to be with the vehicle when they show up to help. Also, pedestrians on a busy road are a bad idea.
  5. Don’t be a hero. Unless you are actually a mechanic, don’t take this opportunity to flex your automotive muscles. If the problem is something obvious, like a flat tire or a loose battery cable, and you have the know how to solve the problem, by all means, solve away. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals.
  6. Think before you act. Just taking a second to think through the problem can save you time and money. Let’s say, hypothetically, you decided to ignore the “FUEL LEVEL LOW” warning light and ended up stranded on a quiet back road in the middle of the day where you’re familiar with your surroundings. In this instance you could probably head out on foot to the 7-11 you know is right around the corner. However, if you are out of gas on a busy highway, this might not be the time to see how quickly you can walk 8 miles.
  7. Stranger Danger. Some things never change. Your mom taught you this in kindergarten, and if she were writing this, she would teach it to you today. There are absolutely good people in the world who would be happy to help you. You don’t need to turn people down, but you do need to be smart about the help you accept. Remember, don’t leave your vehicle and don’t get in a car with strangers! If someone offers to give you a ride to a nearby gas station, see if they’d be willing to make the trip without you and return with some gas instead. Having a self-protection plan in place ahead of time is important. Keep a container of pepper spray in your car at all times. Make sure you grab the pepper spray before you step out of your vehicle. Keep it in your hand as your self-defense plan in case things go south.

While no one wants to deal with a broken down car, having a plan in place ahead of time will help you stay calm and think clearly. Take your first step now, check #7 off the list by purchasing pepper spray from Self Secure Products and solidifying your self-protection plan.

Online Dating – Safe or Dangerous?

Stay safe while online dating. Be sure to take your pepper spray when meeting for the first time.

Stay safe while online dating. Be sure to take your pepper spray when meeting for the first time.

In this day and age, nearly everyone knows someone, or is someone, who has met and then dated someone online. Twenty five years ago the idea of flying cross country to meet a potential mate face to face, who you had only previously known over the internet, was something that only happened on the big screen. Now cross country flights, casual coffee dates, and “I’ll be the one wearing the yellow dress” meet ups take place nearly every day. But are these meet ups safe or is there a need for self-protection associated with them?

Research shows that 61% of internet users who claim no romantic involvement, acknowledge internet dating as a viable option for finding a companion. Research also shows that 79% of current patrons of online dating sites believe online dating is a satisfying way to meet people. Further research supports these beliefs as the growing trend to meet people online is becoming more and more commonplace. Some even suppose online dating may be taking the place of more conventional methods of meeting people.

As these trends rise, the question must be raised: Is online dating safe or dangerous? Is there a need for self-defense when meeting up with a complete stranger? How can I protect myself if I decide to meet someone face to face?

When dating online, it is a good idea to abide by some simple personal safety rules:

• Keep your contact information private until you are absolutely positive you want to share it.
• Double check the profile picture. It is sad but true that some people post pictures of models or others in order to hide their own image. Run a reverse image search on Google to determine if a profile picture has been used elsewhere.
• Spend time getting to know the person. Ask a lot of questions and look for inconsistencies. If one day he/she tells you they attended college in California and the next week it’s Colorado, there’s a red flag on the play.
• Listen to YOU! Remember Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio? Hopefully you don’t have a talking cricket chirping in your ear, but you certainly have a conscience or personal intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Once a potential date has made it through the gauntlet of online dating and you’ve decided to meet face to face, follow these guidelines:

• Only meet in public places.
• Stay in the public place for the first few dates. If you feel pressured to leave this is another red flag on the play.
• Make sure someone knows where you are going. Tell your friend, your mom, your sibling, your psychic. Tell anyone you want, but make sure someone knows.
• Don’t drink! Sure, a drink or two can help break the ice but it can also lower your self-defenses.
• Bring your own set of wheels. Never get in a car with a stranger. Didn’t we learn this in kindergarten? It still holds true for adults. Unless you’re ubering or taking a taxi, you should each drive your own vehicle to and from the public meeting place.
• Carry pepper spray. No matter how careful you are in following safety guidelines when meeting face to face with a potential mate, you can never plan for every situation. Feel empowered and reassured of your self-protection by always carrying your best safety plan – pepper spray.

Self Secure Products offers great self-protection products such as pepper spray that is easy to conceal and carry with you at all time. Click now to view our products and protect yourself, because you are worth it!

Body Language of a Victim


We offer the best self-protection products because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

A study done of New York City citizens recently provided some insight into the body language that makes a man or woman more likely to be seen as a victim. Outside of immediately obvious cues, such as age, there were a number of characteristics that men convicted of assault pointed to as a trait that would make a victim worth the attack.

1. Victims walked with a long stride, as opposed to a medium or short one, positing that a long stride displays nerves.
2. Victims shifted their weight two-dimensionally, which pointed to unease and a desire to control their bodies unnaturally.
3. Victims walked “gesturally,” which means their walk only active part of the body, because they were holding the rest stiffly, showing discomfort.
4. Victims walking by “lifting” and dropping their feet rather than swinging naturally through the step.

Overall, the clear difference is the smoothness or consistency of the movement patterns. When you are nervous or uncomfortable, your movements become jerky and unnatural because you are thinking about a movement that should be natural. Awkwardness, whether perceived due to nerves or simply a trait of a clumsy person, paints you as a promising target

While changing your body language can go a long way to making you a less inviting target, it’s not a guarantee. Carrying a protective item, such as an alarm or pepper spray, can lead to even more peace of mind when on the streets. Self Secure offers items for anyone on the go.

What Is Date Rape?

For a sense of safety and protection, buy Self Secure products today.

For a sense of safety and protection, buy Self Secure products today.

You already know the warnings and details about rape and unwanted sexual touching: You could be attacked in a parking garage, while jogging at the park, returning to your dorm room or a myriad of other scenarios. Most of the time when the topic of rape comes up, the discussion centers around rape by a stranger. But what about date rape? What are the differences between an attack by a stranger and by someone you know?

First off, we need to assert that rape is rape, period. A rape is a criminal offense regardless of whether you know your attacker. Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of confusion and even stigma surrounding date rape. Some may say that it couldn’t have been a sexual assault if it involved someone you were in a relationship with. This could not be more false. Any form of assault or coercion that is against your will is not acceptable. Date rape can come in many forms, including the following:

• Someone pressuring you into sex or forcing himself on you during your first date
• A friend or acquaintance cornering you while you are alone or vulnerable and assaulting you
• Someone with whom you are in a relationship coercing or forcing you to have sex against your will, even if you previously had consensual sex before
• Being drugged with a date rape drug or plied with alcohol before you are taken advantage of

As the last point illustrates, being drugged may also count as date rape if you’re at a party and someone you know has used the drug against you, or if the same type of substance is used while you are out alone with the person.

Date rape can be especially confusing, because you may feel like you knew and trusted this person. You might wonder if what happened really counted as rape, or if relenting after coercion meant you consented. Not surprisingly, the emotional ramifications of date rape can be devastating. The most important thing to remember if you are a victim of date rape is not to blame yourself. It can be invaluable to seek counseling after a date rape occurs so you can begin to heal.

There are many things you can do that may help you protect yourself against date rape. Going out with friends, being mindful of your drink at all times and carrying a form of protection are all good ideas. At Self Secure, we offer discreet products that you can carry with you, to give you a strong measure of protection and peace of mind. Learn more by visiting our website.

Debunking Common Self-Defense Myths

Learn to protect yourself using Self Secure Products like pepper spay.

Learn to protect yourself using Self Secure Products like pepper spay.

If you’re like many women, you might be concerned enough about being attacked to take a self-defense class. While this is smart and can give you valuable skills to help you defend against a rapist or kidnapper, you should also understand that there are a few myths about self-defense that are constantly being circulated through word-of-mouth, the Internet and maybe even your own self-defense class.

Recently, Women’s Health published a great article addressing these myths. Here, we’re recap three that we feel are the most important to help you get away from your attacker in one piece.

Myth #1: You need to hurt your attacker.

Yes, you will need to disable your attacker by striking back, but the difference here is in causing pain vs. injuring him. Pain will only stun or stop him for so long. Causing an injury, such as breaking the bones in his foot, shattering his nose or cracking some ribs, should give you the time you need to get away.

Myth #2: Scream to attract attention.

If you’re in a populated area, screaming might get others to notice and make your attacker afraid of getting caught. On the other hand, wasting too much time hollering can give him an edge over you, and you can’t expect someone to immediately come running. Instead, focus on injuring him and getting away.

Myth #3: You must learn karate, jiu jitsu or another formal martial art.

The skills you learn in a martial arts class can be helpful, but you do not need to know perfect form, defense techniques and other mumbo-jumbo to ward off an attack. Even more helpful is knowing how to strike first, strike hard and cause an injury that puts your attacker out of commission. When shopping around for a self-defense class, choose one that teaches women how to deliver a heavy blow, as well as the best places on an attacker’s body that will allow you to escape.

In addition to knowing how to stop an attack and get away, it can help to have such self-defense tools as pepper spray and a personal alarm. Visit our website to learn more.

What Makes a Victim an Easy Target?

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

You’ve doubtless heard the phrase “easy target” when it comes to the type of person an attacker goes for. This does not by any means indicate that something you’ve done or didn’t do made an attack your fault. It simply means that there are certain characteristics or behaviors that a rapist or abductor will go after because experience has taught him that these make easier victims.

For example, when a group of rapists and date rapists were interviewed in prison, most of them had the following points to say about the women they chose to go after:

• They were distracted. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Women who have their heads down looking at their cellphones, are rummaging for their keys or cards in their purse or are otherwise preoccupied are easy to sneak up on and overpower.

• Their clothing was easy to remove. These women likely had simple outfits on like workout clothes, sundresses or T-shirts and leggings.

• Their hair was easy to grab. Long hair, ponytails, braids and buns provide a handhold for an attacker to grab and pull his victim off balance.

Does this mean that you should cut your hair or wear a hat, and only go out in layers of clothing with an armament of buckles? Of course not. However, knowing these facts can help you to be prepared and on the alert for an attacker. If you are out jogging or shopping and your clothing or hairstyle are the type that attackers tend to focus on, make sure that you are on guard. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket until you’re safely locked in your car. Carry pepper spray or other protective items with you. To learn more about products that can give you an edge over an attacker, visit SelfSecure’s website.

Date Rape Detection Nail Polish: Amazing Idea or Victim-Shaming Tool?

nail polish in various colors

A nail polish in development may detect the date rape drug in drinks. Learn more about defensive products by visiting our website.

You may have heard about an interesting invention still in the development stages that, once on the market, could give women another edge over those who would take advantage of them. The project, named Undercover Colors, is a concept for a nail polish that would detect date rape drugs present in a drink. The idea is simple: You dip your coated fingernail in your glass, give it a stir, and your fingernail changes color if someone spiked your drink with a date rape drug.

However, some rape victim advocacy groups have been less than thrilled with the idea. They claim that the product would fuel the victim-blaming attitude by implying that if a woman was not wearing the nail polish at the time and was drugged, it was somehow her fault. The implication is that law enforcement often asks a woman if she had tried to stop the assault, and by not having the nail polish on hand, she was not doing everything she could to prevent being attacked.

What if you were to take that mindset and apply it to anything else you use to protect yourself? Don’t have any martial arts skills? Well, maybe you should have learned to fight off men. Didn’t have pepper spray in your purse? Should have thought of that before you left the house at night.

Regardless of anyone’s feelings on victim-blaming, it is important to have tools available to protect yourself from an attack. It is never okay to place blame on a woman no matter what she had – or didn’t have – with her to protect herself. The nail polish product is still in development and it is uncertain when it may be on the market. Like pepper sprays and other protective products, many women may find drug-detecting nail polish reassuring to have.

Personal Safety Dos and Don’ts

woman being stalked in parking garage

Follow these safety tips whenever you’re out – and visit our website for products to protect you.

It’s not something that most women like to think about, but it definitely is something they should think about. The risk of being sexually assaulted, either by a stranger or by someone you know, remains unnervingly high. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, almost one out of every five women claimed they had been raped or someone had attempted to rape them. Additionally, one-fourth of the women surveyed said they were beaten by a partner, and one out of six surveyed said they had been stalked.

These are frightening statistics. It is always important to understand the risks, as well as the ways to protect yourself. Here are five tips you should never forget:

  1. Don’t: Be distracted by your phone. We all know that it’s fun to text with friends or get on Facebook, but there’s a time and place for everything. Do: Put your phone away, keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings when you’re walking alone in public.
  1. Don’t: Walk out to your car unprepared. This includes staring at your phone. Do: Have your keys in your hand when you leave the building. You can use your car key as a weapon, if needed.
  1. Don’t: Look like a victim. Do: Walk with confidence, stand up straight, and have a purpose. It’s okay to turn around if someone nearby is making you nervous.
  1. Don’t: Do what a potential kidnapper tells you to do. Do: Run and scream if you are told to get into someone’s car or if your car is hijacked while you’re in it – even if he has a weapon. You stand a better chance of escaping when you run immediately than if you are already captured.
  1. Don’t: Neglect to arm yourself. Unarmed women make easy targets. Do: Keep pepper spray with you at all times. This item is legal and safe to keep around when you use it right. And it’s effective!

Take charge of your personal safety and give yourself peace of mind by knowing how to appear as a “difficult” target, and by investing in one of the life-saving pepper spray products from Self Secure.

Safety Tips While Traveling

While you may have good safety strategies in place while you’re at home, it is important to remember that safety precautions are even more important while you are traveling. Staying in a hotel? Here are some basic safety tips while traveling:woman traveling

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Take some time with maps, Internet resources, or with the manager of your hotel to plan safe travel routes.
  • If you plan on coming back to the hotel late at night, make sure you use a hotel with a manned lobby and make yourself known to the staff.
  • Once you are in your hotel room, use all of the locks and do not admit anyone in who you did not specifically invite. Any visitor, even if claiming to be hotel staff, should be verified by a call to the front desk.
  • When possible, choose hotels that are only accessible by entering a main lobby, instead of the motel-style buildings that allow access to your door without having to pass by any security.
  • If your room has any doors that connect to other rooms, make sure they are locked. Always lock windows and doors leading to patios.
  • If there are strangers waiting in the hallway by your room, keep walking. They might be waiting for you to be busy with the lock, before pushing their way into the room with you. You can go back to the front desk to report the strangers and ask the manager to accompany you to your room.
  • Bring your Pepper Spray, if possible. While you must obey the restrictions of the state you have travelled to, do your best to keep up all of your normal safety precautions. This means visibly carrying your pepper spray, empowered body language, staying away from high-risk areas, and keeping someone informed of your whereabouts.

We have several on-the-go options for those needing to travel with pepper spray. Check out our product line and travel safely!

Apps For Personal Safety Can Help You Stay Secure

At Self Secure, we believe in women’s empowerment. If you don’t feel like a victim, you’ll be lesslikely to look like a target. While you will always have to use caution and your best judgment in staying out of dangerous situations, when you feel empowered you carry yourself differently.

We can’t say enough good things about the protection power of carrying pepper spray, but today we want to talk about some other ways to stay safe. There are some great apps young woman with phonefor personal safety, both free and on subscription basis, that can contribute to your overall feeling of self-security.

EmergenSee– Available in a free version along with paid versions that include extra features, the EmergenSee app has many features that make it a great tool for those who want to take their security into their own hands.

  • Sends emergency text or email alerts to up to three trusted people whenever you feel in danger. You can send a cancellation soon after if the situation did not end up as dangerous as expected. Your emergency text will include your GPS coordinates, allowing help to find you much more quickly.
  • Video recordings, including a “stealth mode” recording option, allow for live streaming to your contact or to the EmergenSee support staff. These recordings are automatically stored to be used as evidence later.
  • Anonymous crime reporting- If you see a crime in progress, but do not feel safe intervening, you can use the video recording option to send evidence to the police anonymously.
  • Set a timer- When you go out for a run or on a bike ride, it’s nice to be able to let someone know when to expect you back. With this app, you can set yourself a timer for how long you expect to be out. If you do not stop the alarm by the time it runs out, it will send an alert to your emergency contacts. This means that if you had some sort of injury or were held up in an incident, your emergency contacts will know to come looking for you.

Here are a few other apps you can check out, which have some of the same features or other useful features:

  • Watch Over Me
  • bSafe
  • React Mobile
  • StaySafe
  • On Watch
  • Kitestring
  • Bugle
  • SafeTrek
  • Safety Assistance

At Self Secure, we want you to be prepared for unexpected dangerous situations. Use all the tools at your disposal. Check out our products to see all the options available to you.