Can You Travel With Pepper Spray?

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Traveling? Don’t forget to stay safe with pepper spray to go. Self Secure Products

In the world we live in today, carrying pepper spray is a good idea for self defense. You never know when you may be in a situation when you will need it. The same goes for when you are traveling, especially if you plan to visit large cities or places you have never been before. The question is, can you carry self defense products with you on a plane? Read on for tips and advice.

Because of strict travel regulations, pepper spray is
typically not allowed in carry on baggage or on your
person. Even if the bottle is smaller than the three ounce liquid restriction, it is seen as a
weapon that could obviously incapacitate someone, and as a result it is not permitted on board
the airplane. This is true even if you are just traveling within the United States. Be especially
careful if you are visiting another country, as some nations have outlawed these products.
However, many airlines do allow mace in checked bags. To avoid potential embarrassment or
punishment, it is still a good idea to tell the airline that you are carrying it when you check your
bag. They may ask you to prove that the bottle will not go off unexpectedly, so pack it in an
easily accessible part of your suitcase. The best way to ensure you can bring your self defense
products with you during travel is to drive or take a train.
When shopping for travel sized security products, be sure to check out Self Secure brand’s on
the go section. They sell lots of compact, maximum strength products that will easily fit into any
bag. Most even have key rings attached to the bottles so you can clip them to the outside of
your bag. This provides quick and easy access to the bottle if an emergency arises.

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