Body Language of a Victim


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A study done of New York City citizens recently provided some insight into the body language that makes a man or woman more likely to be seen as a victim. Outside of immediately obvious cues, such as age, there were a number of characteristics that men convicted of assault pointed to as a trait that would make a victim worth the attack.

1. Victims walked with a long stride, as opposed to a medium or short one, positing that a long stride displays nerves.
2. Victims shifted their weight two-dimensionally, which pointed to unease and a desire to control their bodies unnaturally.
3. Victims walked “gesturally,” which means their walk only active part of the body, because they were holding the rest stiffly, showing discomfort.
4. Victims walking by “lifting” and dropping their feet rather than swinging naturally through the step.

Overall, the clear difference is the smoothness or consistency of the movement patterns. When you are nervous or uncomfortable, your movements become jerky and unnatural because you are thinking about a movement that should be natural. Awkwardness, whether perceived due to nerves or simply a trait of a clumsy person, paints you as a promising target

While changing your body language can go a long way to making you a less inviting target, it’s not a guarantee. Carrying a protective item, such as an alarm or pepper spray, can lead to even more peace of mind when on the streets. Self Secure offers items for anyone on the go.

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