What Makes a Victim an Easy Target?

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

Feel safe with the self protection products from Self Secure Products.

You’ve doubtless heard the phrase “easy target” when it comes to the type of person an attacker goes for. This does not by any means indicate that something you’ve done or didn’t do made an attack your fault. It simply means that there are certain characteristics or behaviors that a rapist or abductor will go after because experience has taught him that these make easier victims.

For example, when a group of rapists and date rapists were interviewed in prison, most of them had the following points to say about the women they chose to go after:

• They were distracted. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Women who have their heads down looking at their cellphones, are rummaging for their keys or cards in their purse or are otherwise preoccupied are easy to sneak up on and overpower.

• Their clothing was easy to remove. These women likely had simple outfits on like workout clothes, sundresses or T-shirts and leggings.

• Their hair was easy to grab. Long hair, ponytails, braids and buns provide a handhold for an attacker to grab and pull his victim off balance.

Does this mean that you should cut your hair or wear a hat, and only go out in layers of clothing with an armament of buckles? Of course not. However, knowing these facts can help you to be prepared and on the alert for an attacker. If you are out jogging or shopping and your clothing or hairstyle are the type that attackers tend to focus on, make sure that you are on guard. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket until you’re safely locked in your car. Carry pepper spray or other protective items with you. To learn more about products that can give you an edge over an attacker, visit SelfSecure’s website.

Date Rape Detection Nail Polish: Amazing Idea or Victim-Shaming Tool?

nail polish in various colors

A nail polish in development may detect the date rape drug in drinks. Learn more about defensive products by visiting our website.

You may have heard about an interesting invention still in the development stages that, once on the market, could give women another edge over those who would take advantage of them. The project, named Undercover Colors, is a concept for a nail polish that would detect date rape drugs present in a drink. The idea is simple: You dip your coated fingernail in your glass, give it a stir, and your fingernail changes color if someone spiked your drink with a date rape drug.

However, some rape victim advocacy groups have been less than thrilled with the idea. They claim that the product would fuel the victim-blaming attitude by implying that if a woman was not wearing the nail polish at the time and was drugged, it was somehow her fault. The implication is that law enforcement often asks a woman if she had tried to stop the assault, and by not having the nail polish on hand, she was not doing everything she could to prevent being attacked.

What if you were to take that mindset and apply it to anything else you use to protect yourself? Don’t have any martial arts skills? Well, maybe you should have learned to fight off men. Didn’t have pepper spray in your purse? Should have thought of that before you left the house at night.

Regardless of anyone’s feelings on victim-blaming, it is important to have tools available to protect yourself from an attack. It is never okay to place blame on a woman no matter what she had – or didn’t have – with her to protect herself. The nail polish product is still in development and it is uncertain when it may be on the market. Like pepper sprays and other protective products, many women may find drug-detecting nail polish reassuring to have.

Personal Safety Dos and Don’ts

woman being stalked in parking garage

Follow these safety tips whenever you’re out – and visit our website for products to protect you.

It’s not something that most women like to think about, but it definitely is something they should think about. The risk of being sexually assaulted, either by a stranger or by someone you know, remains unnervingly high. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, almost one out of every five women claimed they had been raped or someone had attempted to rape them. Additionally, one-fourth of the women surveyed said they were beaten by a partner, and one out of six surveyed said they had been stalked.

These are frightening statistics. It is always important to understand the risks, as well as the ways to protect yourself. Here are five tips you should never forget:

  1. Don’t: Be distracted by your phone. We all know that it’s fun to text with friends or get on Facebook, but there’s a time and place for everything. Do: Put your phone away, keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings when you’re walking alone in public.
  1. Don’t: Walk out to your car unprepared. This includes staring at your phone. Do: Have your keys in your hand when you leave the building. You can use your car key as a weapon, if needed.
  1. Don’t: Look like a victim. Do: Walk with confidence, stand up straight, and have a purpose. It’s okay to turn around if someone nearby is making you nervous.
  1. Don’t: Do what a potential kidnapper tells you to do. Do: Run and scream if you are told to get into someone’s car or if your car is hijacked while you’re in it – even if he has a weapon. You stand a better chance of escaping when you run immediately than if you are already captured.
  1. Don’t: Neglect to arm yourself. Unarmed women make easy targets. Do: Keep pepper spray with you at all times. This item is legal and safe to keep around when you use it right. And it’s effective!

Take charge of your personal safety and give yourself peace of mind by knowing how to appear as a “difficult” target, and by investing in one of the life-saving pepper spray products from Self Secure.

Safety Tips While Traveling

While you may have good safety strategies in place while you’re at home, it is important to remember that safety precautions are even more important while you are traveling. Staying in a hotel? Here are some basic safety tips while traveling:woman traveling

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Take some time with maps, Internet resources, or with the manager of your hotel to plan safe travel routes.
  • If you plan on coming back to the hotel late at night, make sure you use a hotel with a manned lobby and make yourself known to the staff.
  • Once you are in your hotel room, use all of the locks and do not admit anyone in who you did not specifically invite. Any visitor, even if claiming to be hotel staff, should be verified by a call to the front desk.
  • When possible, choose hotels that are only accessible by entering a main lobby, instead of the motel-style buildings that allow access to your door without having to pass by any security.
  • If your room has any doors that connect to other rooms, make sure they are locked. Always lock windows and doors leading to patios.
  • If there are strangers waiting in the hallway by your room, keep walking. They might be waiting for you to be busy with the lock, before pushing their way into the room with you. You can go back to the front desk to report the strangers and ask the manager to accompany you to your room.
  • Bring your Pepper Spray, if possible. While you must obey the restrictions of the state you have travelled to, do your best to keep up all of your normal safety precautions. This means visibly carrying your pepper spray, empowered body language, staying away from high-risk areas, and keeping someone informed of your whereabouts.

We have several on-the-go options for those needing to travel with pepper spray. Check out our product line and travel safely!

Apps For Personal Safety Can Help You Stay Secure

At Self Secure, we believe in women’s empowerment. If you don’t feel like a victim, you’ll be lesslikely to look like a target. While you will always have to use caution and your best judgment in staying out of dangerous situations, when you feel empowered you carry yourself differently.

We can’t say enough good things about the protection power of carrying pepper spray, but today we want to talk about some other ways to stay safe. There are some great apps young woman with phonefor personal safety, both free and on subscription basis, that can contribute to your overall feeling of self-security.

EmergenSee– Available in a free version along with paid versions that include extra features, the EmergenSee app has many features that make it a great tool for those who want to take their security into their own hands.

  • Sends emergency text or email alerts to up to three trusted people whenever you feel in danger. You can send a cancellation soon after if the situation did not end up as dangerous as expected. Your emergency text will include your GPS coordinates, allowing help to find you much more quickly.
  • Video recordings, including a “stealth mode” recording option, allow for live streaming to your contact or to the EmergenSee support staff. These recordings are automatically stored to be used as evidence later.
  • Anonymous crime reporting- If you see a crime in progress, but do not feel safe intervening, you can use the video recording option to send evidence to the police anonymously.
  • Set a timer- When you go out for a run or on a bike ride, it’s nice to be able to let someone know when to expect you back. With this app, you can set yourself a timer for how long you expect to be out. If you do not stop the alarm by the time it runs out, it will send an alert to your emergency contacts. This means that if you had some sort of injury or were held up in an incident, your emergency contacts will know to come looking for you.

Here are a few other apps you can check out, which have some of the same features or other useful features:

  • Watch Over Me
  • bSafe
  • React Mobile
  • StaySafe
  • On Watch
  • Kitestring
  • Bugle
  • SafeTrek
  • Safety Assistance

At Self Secure, we want you to be prepared for unexpected dangerous situations. Use all the tools at your disposal. Check out our products to see all the options available to you.

How to choose between Pepper Spray, Pepper Fog, Pepper Foam, or Pepper Gel

Pepper Spray:

The spray formulation is the most common one on the market. Depending on the size of your canister, you can get a range of up to twenty feet with this style of spray. If you want a spray that allows for a large effective distance between you and your attacker, this is a good choice. There is some risk of blowback and self-contamination, but not as much as with the fog method.

Pepper Spray Fog:woman with pepper spray

The fog option is a great choice when your aim is to control a crowd. Often used by police or in prison settings, fog deployment systems can cover a group instead of an individual. This method generally has a range of up to eight feet. However, the fine droplets used in this method are more susceptible to windy conditions, and there is a risk of self-contamination. Although there is some risk of self-contamination from blowback, the way the spray disperses means your aim does not have to be perfect. In a high adrenaline scenario, this is a definite plus.

Pepper Foam:

Just like it sounds, pepper foam has the active ingredients of traditional pepper spray suspended in a solution that comes out as foam when sprayed. The range for foam is about 6-8 feet, which means this is a variation meant for indoor or close range use. The foam is less susceptible to windy conditions and there is less risk of self-contamination from blowback with this formulation.

Pepper Gel:

Pepper Gel is the deployment method of choice when in a smaller space, such as indoors, in a car, or when surrounded by many bystanders. The gel formula is just that- a thicker, stickier solution. This means the capsaicin particles will not dissipate in the air nearly as much as with conventional pepper spray, and blow back will be much less of a concern. The problem with this deployment method is that it is harder to aim. The gel spray has a range of 15 feet, but unless you hit your target, the spray will not have an effect.

Evaluate your needs and the specific restrictions of the state you live in before choosing your Self Secure Pepper Spray Self-Defense product. See our product line here!

Drink Test Coasters- Are they worth it?

Why are drink test coasters an excellent idea?

The group most at risk for sexual assault is young women who are in the first few months of
college. The new environment, new rules, and new people are exciting, but come with dangers. Parties are a fun way to meet new people, but you must exercise caution and safe practices. Unfortunately, the risk of assault is high at these times, particularly when drinking is involved. Using a drink test coaster is a great way to protect yourself, by making sure you don’t unintentionally lower your ability to respond to danger.

use a drinks test coasterWhat do they test for?

GHB- Gama Hydroxybutyrate

GHB is a common club drug that is used to incapacitate victims due to the frequent loss of consciousness and amnesia effects. Highly illegal, it is nevertheless available over the internet and in other sources. When mixed in alcohol or other flavorful drinks, it is very hard to detect by taste alone. Read more here: http://www.drugs.com/illicit/ghb.html


This drug is used to induce anesthesia. It should only be used for medical reasons, but it has been used as a date rape drug due to the anesthetic effects. Those who are dosed with ketamine, especially when combined with alcohol, may experience loss of consciousness, hallucinations, nausea, confusion, and changes in behavior, mood, and thinking. Ketamine can be dissolved into your drink and it is unlikely you would be able to detect it by taste alone. Read more here: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/ketamine.html

How do I use the coasters?

Your coaster includes a sensitive test area. You will place a drop of your drink onto the test area and rub gently. The test area will change color if the drug was detected. It really is that simple.

Drink coasters and more are available in our Safety Chick Kit. Check out our full line of Self Secure Products for college students here. At Self Secure, we believe in empowering every woman to protect herself. Making sure you cannot be tricked into taking a dangerous drug is an important step to being Self Secure.

Self-Defense Myth 3: “I took some self defense classes, so I can easily fight off an attacker”

While self-defense classes are empowering, beneficial, and can help you regain a sense of security after an attack, but here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t try to physically fight off an attacker unless you have no other option for escape:woman practicing self-defense

  1. The assailant chose the victim for a reason. In a mugging or sexual assault scenario, the attacker had some fore planning. That means that the attacker evaluated the target in terms of size, vulnerabilities, distractions, and weaknesses. He is already mentally prepared for this attack. He has likely played out this same scenario with other victims and knows what will happen next better than you do. Even if you have had some self-defense preparation, trying to fight off an attacker in the real world will not be like your training sessions in the classroom.
  2. Adrenaline is helpful in many ways, but not in terms of focus or memory. Your body has decreased awareness of pain and some increase in strength when flushed with adrenaline, but it will be harder to remember exactly how to do that fancy disarming move you learned in class. As much as it helps you, adrenaline also hurts you in these scenarios. Remember, your attacker will also be running on adrenaline, so any advantage you perceive will be cancelled out.
  3. Do you know how much force is necessary to put your attacker down, without running the risk of an assault charge yourself? Read this post to learn more. Depending on what state you live in, you may not have the legal right to engage in a fight without first attempting to run and escape the situation. If you are able to put your attacker down, you could run into some tricky legal trouble if you keep fighting after the attacker is no longer considered a current threat.

The bottom line is that while physical altercations are sometimes the only way to protect yourself, it should not be your first choice. Self Secure pepper spray and personal alarm products are designed to end an assault without physical contact. Read more about why pepper spray is the self-defense method of choice, and check out our product line for our many varieties.

Self Defense Myths Part 2: “It Won’t Happen To Me”

You’ve read about your risk factors and you’ve heard all the stats, so you stay prepared. You don’t walk alone at night, and you keep your doors and windows locked. You may even have a self-defense tool like pepper spray. Maybe you’ve even taken a self-defense course. You’re sure you’ve done everything you can to make sure you will never be attacked. But can you really guarantee that? “It won’t happen to me” is a dangerous mindset. self defense myths

The most difficult part of this myth is realizing that attackers do not make logical decisions, or in other words, what is logical to you is not the same as what is logical to the assailant. These people are not playing by the same societal rules as you have come to expect.

Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that others will not make bad choices. You cannot be sure that someone else, fueled by desperation, greed, or worse, won’t decide you look vulnerable. It might not even be about you, as many of the recent gun incidents have shown. All you can do is reduce your risk and be prepared.

Many people make the mistake of becoming overconfident. They take one class or buy one bottle of pepper spray and decide they are safe from attack. Pepper spray does not keep you from being attacked, but it does give you a way to protect yourself if you are ever attacked. It takes more than buying the bottle, though. Read our starter tips and remember- pepper spray can’t help you if you aren’t carrying it regularly, in an easy to access way. Check out our athletic models for ready-to-hand options.

Many others assume that only strangers will attack them, and believe they are safe if they only stay in the company of people they know. Unfortunately, most attacks are by people that the victim knows, and there aren’t usually obvious warning signs.

Yes, protecting yourself is mainly about making smart decisions, but it is a myth to assume that you can guarantee your own safety against all chance of attack. Overconfidence can lead you to danger just as much as under preparedness. Take your safety seriously, but always remember that the unexpected still happens. Carry pepper spray to give yourself an effective, non-lethal weapon in case of the unthinkable, and check out our other protection products.

Self Defense Myths: Being in trouble for protecting yourself

You hear a lot about self-defense, but the myth we’ll focus on today is that if you defend yourself, then you can be punished by law for injuries you inflict. We’ve all heard the ridiculous stories of the burglar who sues the owner of the home for injuries on his property. At Self Secure, we want to make it clear that you have the right of protecting yourself from danger.woman warding off attack

How does the law define self-defense? The right of self defense is the right “to use such force as reasonably appears necessary to defend him or herself against an apparent threat of unlawful and immediate violence from another” George E. Dix, Gilbert Law Summaries: Criminal Law xxxiii (18th ed. 2010) (original emphasis); see generally David C. Brody & James R. Acker, Criminal Law 130 (2014). By “reasonably”, we mean that the average reasonable person would also find that same use of force necessary to protect themselves if they were in your situation.

This myth that you’ll get into more trouble defending yourself than not is dangerous because it causes hesitation. You must be willing to act to defend yourself, but it is important to understand what level of violence is acceptable in your own defense. Different states have different specific regulations, and different court cases have drawn the line in slightly different places over the years. Here are some basic guidelines you need to know:

Use a similar level of force: If an assailant approaches you with a gun and threatens to kill you, you are entitled to use similar deadly force and deadly weapons in your self-defense. If, however, an unarmed man verbally threatens you, and you shoot him, your self-defense claim will likely fall short. Do what you must, but once you have inflicted enough injury to safely get away, you should escape instead of inflicting further injury.

Duty To Retreat: Some states have a law that says you have a duty to retreat instead of fighting. This means that if an assailant threatens your safety and life, but you have a safe and reasonable way to retreat, then you should retreat instead of fighting. Individual states dictate whether this also applies in the home or car. You can read more about your particular state laws here: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2012/04/us/table.selfdefense.laws/

Defense of Others: Again, the rules vary somewhat from state to state, but if you see someone who is in immediate and imminent threat of serious injury, and they cannot retreat, you are likely justified in coming to their aid with the same level of force as the victim would reasonably be expected to use.

Pepper Spray is a great option for those who want to defend themselves effectively, but don’t want to use deadly force. While you must still be in real and imminent danger, pepper spray is not considered deadly force. Check out our line of products and read more about how to use pepper spray.

How to Protect a Dorm Room

When you first go to college and move into your dorm room or apartment, you find that you are not in as much control of your environment as you once were. You have roommates who you’ve likely never met and who have very different ways of doing things than you do. They may keep different hours, feel differently about locking doors, and not share your concept of personal space. This can make you feel less confident and vulnerable. At Self Secure, we want everyone to have the tools they need to make themselves secure and confident. Much about personal safety comes down to being able to control your environment, and learning how to protect a dorm room. For this purpose we offer the Door Stop Alarm. woman moving to college dorm

The Door Stop Alarm is an excellent tool in this arsenal. Even in a dorm room, where you won’t be able to install a full security system, you can still have real protection. The Door Stop Alarm is 3-purpose protection:

  • 120 decibel alarm wakes you up so you cannot be attacked unawares
  • The noise will both alert others and frighten your assailant, who will likely run to avoid being seen or caught
  • Non-skid pad on the bottom of the Door Stop Alarm keeps the door from fully opening

The Door Stop Alarm works off of a battery and can be set for only those times you are home alone, or when all of your roommates and you are home for the night. Even if you have trouble with your roommates cooperating in securing the rest of your apartment, you can make sure your bedroom is protected while you are in it.

Remember, personal safety tools are only helpful if you remember to use them and have them with you. Talk to your teen about creating safe habits; have them read about their risk factors and staying safe with our safety tips.

Worried about your windows? We have a solution for that too.

College is a time of self-discovery and learning self-care. Protecting your physical safety is the first lesson. Make sure your child is prepared for the college environment with the Door Stop Alarm and other Self Secure Products.

10 Personal Safety tips from Self Secure

  1. Avoid being alone. While you won’t always be able to avoid it, make sure to stay with a group or with your friends whenever you are in a questionable area, when it is late, or when you have any other reason to feel uncomfortable.confident woman
  2. Don’t look like a victim. Remember, predators are looking for the easiest victim. By walking with open, powerful body language, (purposeful stride, standing straight, shoulders back, swinging arms, head high and actively scanning the environment) you will not look like an easy victim.
  3. Plan ahead. Decide when and how you will get home, and stick to it. If you are drinking, decide how many is enough to avoid becoming drunk and vulnerable.
  4. Make sure others know your plans. If you are going out, make sure you tell someone where you are going, who you will be with, and when you expect to be back.
  5. Trust your instincts. If you’re in an elevator and someone sketchy comes in, don’t hesitate to get off. It may be a slight inconvenience, and you might feel a bit guilty about causing offense, but better safe than sorry.
  6. Always Resist. Unfortunately, many people freeze up in a panic situation. Take some time to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that you will have to fight to get home safely. It is better to fight immediately than allow yourself to be taken to a more isolated location.
  7. Take a self-defense class. While you may not be able to remember that perfect flip move they taught you in class, learning self defense will give you some extra confidence. That confidence will show in the way you carry yourself and keep you from looking as vulnerable.
  8. Avoid unnecessary risks. If you need to go to the grocery store and it’s 1am, ask yourself if you really need to do it now, or if it could wait until the morning. Although you can’t always predict danger, you can make smart choices about the situations you get yourself into.
  9. Carry personal protection. In case the worst happens, make sure you have personal protection to help you. Pepper spray is a great option because it’s nonlethal but effective.

Self Secure Products is committed to giving women and men the tools they need for personal safety. Check out our line of products and read our blogs for more tips and information!

Pepper Spray 101: Self Defense Steps for 1st Time Users

Are you intimidated by the thought of carrying and using a self-defense tool as powerful as pepper spray? Follow our tips for using pepper spray safely.woman using pepper spray

Step 1: Understand the laws and restrictions of your state concerning carrying pepper spray. Once you understand the law, you will be able to purchase the correct concentration and size of pepper spray canister for your personal defense.

Step 2: Read all packaging and labels carefully for instructions, and be sure to follow them.

Step 3: Understand what pepper spray does. We have articles here and here to help. While pepper spray is powerful, the effects are not always instantaneous and you will still need to escape the dangerous situation and call 911 for help even after you have sprayed your assailant.

Step 4: Become familiar with your spray. If you ever do need to use it, it will be in a high-adrenaline scenario. Muscle memory will be vital. You can’t be fumbling around with it, unable to remember where the spray nozzle is. Practice holding it, pulling it out of your pocket, armband, or purse, and aiming.

Step 5: Start carrying your spray regularly. It can’t help you if it’s left at home while you’re out. Pick a way or place to carry it that you can get used to. That way, when you need it, you’ll be able to automatically reach for it.

Step 6: Practice your aim and stance. Remember that if you are close to your assailant, they will want to take your spray away or knock it out of your hand. Keep it close to your body and aim for the face and eyes of your target. If you spray in 1 or 2 second bursts, you’ll have more shots at your assailant. If you spray a continuous stream, your can will empty faster, but you might have a better chance of hitting your target. Remember to stay upwind of your target so that the spray does not blow back on you.

Step 7: Make safe choices. Carrying pepper spray does not mean you should take extra risks with your safety. Continue to make smart decisions about where and when you travel, traveling with others, and being aware of your surroundings.

Ready to purchase? We have different models based on how you need to carry your spray. Check them out and find your perfect match.

Top 10 Dangerous College Campuses: Why You Need Pepper Spray

You’ve seen the news stories about college campus crime, but do you know where the most campus crimes take place, and which college campuses are really the most dangerous for students? The top 10 might surprise you:young woman starting college

  1. Benedict College, in Columbia, South Carolina: 60.5 crime incidents per 1000 students
  2. Inter American University of Puerto Rico- Barranquitas, in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico: 57.4 crime incidents per 1000 students
  3. Central State University, in Wilberforce, Ohio: 42.1 incidents per 1000 students
  4. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania: 39.5 incidents per 1000 students
  5. Gallaudet University, in Washington, D.C.: 37.8 crime incidents per 1000 students
  6. Cheney University of Pennsylvania, in Cheney, Pennsylvania: 37.1 crime incidents per 1000 students
  7. Shaw University, in Raleigh, North Carolina: 34.4 crime incidents per 1000 students
  8. Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania: 31.3 crime incidents per 1000 students
  9. Reed College, in Portland, Oregon: 28.3 crime incidents per 1000 students.
  10. Augustine’s University, in Raleigh, North Carolina: 25.6 crime incidents per 1000 students

Want to know more? Read the list of the top 25 most dangerous college campuses.

It isn’t only college students who face a heightened risk of becoming the victim of crime or violent assault. Check out our post on the rest of the Risk Factors.

Surprisingly, 3 out of the 10 most dangerous colleges in the US are located in Pennsylvania, and all but two are on the East Coast. Are you or your loved ones attending college in these risky areas? Consider carrying personal protection. Pepper Spray makes a wonderful gift that shows the recipient that you care about their safety. We have many discreet models, as well as models designed for easy carry by the athlete on the go. Check out all our products here, and find the spray that’s right for you!

The Science Behind The Spray: Capsaicin and Pepper Spray

What causes the heat? The sensation of heat is caused by the active ingredient, capsaicin. The presence of capsaicin activates nociceptors in the skin. This activation is read as heat, although no actual temperature burn is occurring. The purpose of this reaction is to help the body avoid danger.hot peppers and capsaicin

What are “nociceptors?” Nociceptors are the pain receptors in the body. They can be activated by extreme heat or cold, pressure, incisions, or by dangerous chemicals. The chemical nociceptors are the ones that react to the presence of capsaicin.

How does capsaicin cause inflammation? The body’s natural reaction to capsaicin is membrane swelling. The membranes in the eyes, throat, lungs, mouth, stomach, and intestines are all susceptible to swelling when in contact with capsaicin. Concerning pepper spray, the swelling in the eyes and lungs will be the most important. The eyes will instinctively close and bronchial spasms may occur; both of these responses are designed to keep further capsaicin from entering the body.

Why does capsaicin cause pain? Pain is the body’s warning system that damage has occurred. When consumed in large amounts, capsaicin has been shown to cause irritation and possible damage in the stomach and intestinal tract. However, capsaicin is not absorbed by human skin, and the burning sensation on the skin is not caused by a chemical burn.

What long-term effects are there? A one time exposure in someone who does not have complicating medical factors should result in no negative long-term effects. If a person’s eyes are repeatedly exposed to pepper spray, some corneal damage may result.

Pepper spray is an effective tool because the inflammatory properties affect those that may not be susceptible to pain alone due to drug or alcohol use. When pain or fear cannot be counted on to be effective control measures, inflammation will still be effective.

Ready to get some spray of your own? Check out our various models for the best fit for you.